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July 6 2013
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Welcome To Avanti Auto Driving School for
Behind The Wheel Driving Instruction & Traffic School

30-Hour Drivers Education

Getting a driver's license is an important rite of passage to adulthood, but it can be a dangerous one. This course is designed to give today's teens an insight into the skills and knowledge one needs when getting behind the wheel.

driving_school_traffic_school_AvantiWithout a solid foundation, today’s young adults take a big risk each time they get behind the wheel. Quality driving instruction provides the foundation needed for safe driving. Unfortunately, few high schools in Florida offer drivers education. That’s why Avanti Auto Driving School is please to announce our 30-hour state approved and certified self-study driver education course with every New Driver Certificate.

Ideally, drivers education should start before they get their learners permit. and, even though young drivers may qualify for a learners permit or drivers license, as a concerned parent, you know they're still learning to drive. Unfortunately, today's young adults tend to overestimate their abilities behind the wheel. And, as we all know in Florida, speed limits fluctuate, traffic gets heavy, and rain and road construction are real hazards and concerns.

Scare tactics and lectures do not work with young drivers, but supervising their practice driving over a longer learning period does. This is where parents play a critical role in developing a solid driving foundation. Our program is only designed to teach fundamental skills and knowledge. Parents, guardians, and "supervising" drivers must do the rest.

Our driver education program is designed to teach new drivers fundamental skills and basic knowledge about driving a motor vehicle. Our State of Florida approved course is organized into four easy units broken down into eighteen chapters with high emphasis on Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle law and consequences.

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Course Features

  • Examines responsibility, concepts, and systems, which are the solid building block foundation for skills discussed throughout our course

  • Vehicle basic parts and safe operation.

  • Traffic control devices and basic driving skills.

  • Decision making, driving skills for different environments and situations.

  • In-depth areas of concern: Responsibility, DUI, licensing privileges, vehicle ownership and maintenance, and driving away from home.

  • On-Line Instructor monitoring

  • Videos shown with correlating chapters to emphasize lesson

  • Self-Test after every chapter

  • Certificate of Completion issued after successful completion of all self-tests and final exam

  • 1-year from registration completion time.

Our 30 Hour Driver Education program also includes a step-by-step 18 minute driver license practical exam review that demonstrates:

  • The exact vehicle maneuvers you will be required to perform and the reasoning behind them

  • How to prevent from loosing points that increase your failure rate

  • The role of the examiner

  • Test vehicle requirements

  • Tips on how to successfully pass the practical Florida Drivers license exam and more!

Why is this course important to you and your teen?

It really depends. Most parents are aware that their insurance company will offer a "New Driver" discount providing they supply their insurance carrier with the certificate of completion from a State of Florida Certified school. However, some insurance companies such as; USA, Liberty, and Farmers (to list a few) require not only a behind-the-wheel instruction certificate BUT, drivers ed certificate too!

Rest assured, all of Avanti Auto Driving School New Driver Certificate courses include our online Drivers Ed course at no additional charge.

Successful completion of our 30-hour State of Florida approved driver education course alone will not make new drivers "experts" behind the wheel. Traffic safety education includes family and and/or personal factors, such as: motivation, maturity, and perceptive abilities. These factors play major roles in the development and safety of new drivers. 

At Avanti we realize drivers ed is not offered in all schools within the Great State of Florida. As a convenience to our out of area residents and home schooled students this course is offered at a deeply discounted rate for only $34.95!

Course at


4 Hr. Drug and Alcohol
Our First Time Driver course (also known as the 4-hour Drug and Alcohol course) is only $25 and change! DMV/Florida State mandated and approved program is an easy 4-hour course required for all first time drivers. No hidden fees. Complete course automatically reported to Florida DHSMV upon completion!

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4-Hour Traffic School
Traffic school $8.50! Our State of Florida approved courses is very easy and entertaining.

Traffic school eliminates points on your driving record. Maintain your safe driving status! Be sure to book mark the page after you register! Questions? Call us at 561-338-6400!

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8-Hr DDC
Got another ticket? No Problem! Taking our course is EASY and 100% online. Only $59.95 complete! Questions? call: 561-338-6400

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12-Hr ADI Course
Only $85.95 complete and rest assured, there's no hidden fees! Our Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI-12) is for individuals who are court ordered, or are HTO or whose license has been suspended due to points and are seeking a hardship/work purpose only license or, license reinstatement.

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3-in-3 Driving Course
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle approved course for individuals who received three crash-related moving violations in a three-year period. This new 16 hour course must be completed within 90 days of notification by the DHSMV and includes 12 hour ADI and four hours of in-car driver evaluation. Our ADI-12 course is only $85.95 complete and rest assured, there's no hidden fees.

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