Florida Driver Learner’s Permit Written Exam Test Harder Now

“Fair Warning: They have changed the Florida Driver learner permit written exam in Florida about two years ago and it is much harder now than it was then!” ~Paula Sylvester, Avanti Driving School

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Why Prepare for the Test?

The Florida learners permit – Florida drivers license test – has changed! The new Florida Driver Learner permit – written exam test now includes 50 multiple choice road rules questions and includes 10 road sign questions. The State of Florida doesn’t just give away those little drivers license or learner permit cards to anyone who requests them. They insist you demonstrate to them road rules knowledge and in order to do so, one of the ways to do that is: You must pass the Florida driver learner permit exam – also known as the Florida Driver License written exam. The NEW Florida Driver Learner Permit License Road Rules Test is NOT an easy test to pass. As a matter of fact, the passing rate is extremely low!

Our new Florida Driver Learner Permit License Road Rules Test review combined with the Florida Driver Permit License Written Exam Test is the most thorough and most up-to-date program helps you get comfortable with the Florida DMV written exam testing process. As a matter of fact, we’re tapped into the DHSMV questions data bank and it also allows you another opportunity to ensure that you reviewed and retained the Florida DMV motor vehicle handbook material and well versed in it. These double benefits will help you build the confidence and knowledge needed to pass the Florida written driver permit exam test quickly and easily on your very first try!

Why Should I Pay For This When I Can Get It Elsewhere For Free?

After seriously studying the drivers license handbook, your next step is to take the written driver license permit practice review. These tests are located online from a variety of independent sources. Be forewarned many of these sites do not reflect in their practice driver license permit review the new questions that were added in.

Free license practice tests are limited to only a few questions. Pay practice tests offer an unlimited number of questions. This way, for little money, you get a comprehensive examination of all drivers license topics. Once you begin to consistently answer most questions correctly, you’re then ready for the real written drivers license permit test.

What You Get

For one low price you’ll get admission to our online consistently updated Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Florida Practice Permit Test Review program for two full weeks!

How Much Is Your Course?

Many online traffic school course providers claim to be offering a free Florida written driver permit license practice test only to discover (when you’re taking the actual driver permit license test) the questions presented were nothing like the questions on the official DHSMV Florida driver license permit/Florida learners permit exam. Our exam is current (updated Daily) and will prepare you for the real test for only $14.95 for 14-days!

Who Can Take The Florida Driver License Learner Permit/Drivers License Written Exam On Line?

Any unlicensed driver under the age of 18 and who has completed an online TLSAE course. Note: Even if you are over the age of 18 and never held a drivers license, you must take the TLSAE course – no exceptions. Having the luxury, flexibility and convenience of this online option means you can skip the congestion, long lines, and waiting at your local DHSMV office. Instead, you’ll be able to relax and pass the test from the comfort of your own home.

What Questions Are Asked When Taking The Florida Driver Learners Permit Test and What Can I Expect?

By Florida DHSMV regulation, a parent must be present during the Florida learners permit testing session. Before you access the test, your parent will be asked to provide certain identifying information and to certify statements that attest that they have monitored your test session.

The Florida driver’s written permit test (Class E Knowledge Test) is comprised of two sections:

Road Rules exam
Road Signs exam

The new Florida Driver License Learner permit/written exam test now includes 40 multiple choice road rules questions and includes 10 road sign questions. You are allowed a short amount of time to respond to each question. If you do not respond to the test question within the specified time limit, no answer (a “blank”) is submitted for that question when your test is graded.

Similarly, you will have a short amount of time to respond to personal identity validation questions that will be asked periodically throughout the test. If you answer a personal identity validation question incorrectly, you will be asked a different question. A second incorrect answer will result in termination of the testing session (i.e., a “failure” grade on your test).

You must correctly answer at least 80% of the 50 driving questions in order to pass the Florida learners permit online exam.

The two exams are scored independently of each other, and you have three opportunities to pass each exam in the online format. In other words, if you fail your first or second attempt at taking the Florida learners permit exam, you may attempt to take the Florida learners permit test again, and will be required to pay a DHSMV-assessed retesting fee of $10 for the second and third attempts. If you fail your third Florida learners permit test online, you will need to go to your local DHSMV or tax collector office to take the exam in person and will no longer be eligible to take the online Florida learners permit exam.

All Florida learner permit test scores are automatically and electronically reported to the DHSMV and, like your TLSAE completion, will be available to DHSMV staff when you go to your local office to get your Florida learners permit.

How Much Is The Florida Driver License Learner Permit Written Exam Test?

Many online traffic school course providers claim to be the lowest but, once you hand over your charge card info and continue with your registration you’ll soon discover you’ll have to pay extra fees. Some of these fees – to name a few – are disguised as processing fees, or, handling fees, or service fees which in turn, jacks-up the price of the Florida Learner Permit Written Exam course considerably. Our course is $24.95 complete and is the official DHSMV written exam provided by the DHSMV.

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